Our Programs

1. Social Media


Conduct mini research on the topic of Islamic economics and present the results of the research on social media.



Conduct a review of sales or articles on Islamic economics and package them in a concise and attractive manner.



Discusses the biographies of Islamic figures along with the thoughts and works produced.



GAMAICI is an annual paper competition and conference aimed at providing a forum for sharing and promoting cutting-edge research for corresponding fields. GAMAICI is also aimed at facilitating intense and productive networking among academics, policy makers, practitioners, students, and other interested parties.

Visit : gamaici.feb.ugm.ac.id


3. Research and Project

To obtain the main purpose that PKEBS has committed, the programs are:

– The implementation of economic, business and Islamic finance theoretical research involving lecturers and S2 / S3 students as co-authors.

– Writing and uploading Gadjah Mada Working Papers on Islamic Economics and Business through the online page.

– Research training related to economics, business and Islamic finance, both for S1, S2 and S3 students.

– Consultancy and mentoring of thesis and thesis writing related to economics, business and Islamic finance, especially for S1 / S2 FEB UGM students.

– Workshops and seminars on economics, business and Islamic finance work with external parties outside of FEB UGM.

– Issuance of Journal Review of Islamic Economic Studies.

– Business and Economics Clinic